Our Political Platforms

  • Economics
    Social Programs:
    Pensions for Seniors
    • Being able to apply and receive retirement pensions as early as 60
    • If you have a permanent life changing condition, you have the option to put yourself to rest.
      • If you cannot express your own opinion
      • If you can no longer function in society
      • If you have an Illness that will kill you, or leave you bedridden for the rest of your life.
    • Publicly Funded
      • Reducing wait times by employing more Nurses and Doctors.
    • Allow for privately funded hospitals.
    • Increase response time for emergency vehicles and services.
    • Primary Education is more privately based, however at least one public school is available in each district. If you can’t afford Primary Education you can apply for free education. However, If you can afford Primary Education, you must pay.
      • French programs and English programs
      • (other languages if there's enough interest to warrant it in a community.)
    • Secondary - Basic University is free for those who need it (Bachelor Degrees, Applied Degree, Diploma, and Certificates)
      • Easier to achieve scholarships.
      • Making education more affordable
    Child Care
    • Making affordable child care services for women/men trying to get back to the work field
    Unemployment Benefits
    • Making it harder to apply and get accepted for these benefits
      • Background check
      • Have to take a survey asking for reasons and limitations why you can’t work. Somewhat like the point system in Immigration.
      • Actually need the benefits

    Taxes and Taxation Model
    • GST+PST (HST): 14%
    • Income tax (Increase by .5%)
    • 15.5% on the first $43,953  of taxable income
    • 22.5% on the next $43,954 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $43,953 up to $87,907)
    • 26.5%on the next $48,363  of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $87,907 up to $136,270)
    • 29.5% of taxable income over $136,270

    • Youth Criminal Justice Act
      • Fund John Howard and Elizabeth Fry extrajudicial sanctions.
    • If you are sentenced to a life in jail, you have the option to a death sentence.
      • To those who are responding well to jail time, however there is no chance of parole. We will try to incorporate community service, labour work and more interaction with the community. This is to give prisoners a chance of a life even in jail
    • Protect and create animal sanctuaries for endangered species.
    • Tagging endangered and dangerous animals.
    • Taxing corporations extra if they pollute the environment. 60% of this money will be used to rebuild the environment.
    • Building an energy system focused on sustainable resources
    • Make point system more challenging
      • Need more points to score, and to get into Canada.
      • Put a lot more emphasis on arranged employment
    First Nations:
    • Follow up to treaties that promised land.
    • Keep Inherent rights
      • Working on the development, preservation and cooperation between the government and the FNMI
    • Making stronger connections with First Nations.
      • Allow the first nations to become an influential asset to Canada

    • Incorporate electric vehicles.
    • Raise the price of LRT by 1 dollar.
    • LRT monitored more regularly, to discourage people not paying.
    Canada's role in other nations:
    • Continue our work with peacekeeping
      • Emergency aid services
      • Financial support for veterans and military workers.
      • International Security
    • Increase funding in supporting Veterans, and incorporate them back into society.
    Science and technology:
    • Research into medicine and vaccines
      • Stem Cell research
    • Development of space program
    • Supporting a nation of growth in this field
    • Finding new ways of getting clean energy
    • Increase tariff taxes to make Canadians buy Canadian products.
    • Promoting companies in Canada by making prices overseas higher.
    • Increase shipping and handling costs.

    Language Rights
    • French and English are our official languages.
    • They will be offered at both public, religious and private schools.
    • Aboriginal languages and uncommon languages, will be offered if there is enough interest to warrant it in a community.
    • Road signs will be in both languages.
    • French and English descriptions on all goods and items.

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