Monday, 9 June 2014

P.A Party Discussion

Today we had the summit discussion with the P.A. Party, regarding Food Sustainability and creative ways to achieve such an idea in Canada. Both parties hold a similar perspectives for removing chemicals that cause health defects. However, we still need to keep some pesticides that actually work towards keeping away pests, weeds, and insects; without causing extreme effects on health. The cost of growing organic food is extremely high, so we are proposing taxing restaurants, businesses and factories that use extremely unhealthy and foods that create risks to our citizens. With this tax money, we will fund farms that grow healthy and organic foods since they are more expensive to grow and ensure proper growth. We will also use this money to create greenhouses and protection against pests, since we are trying to minimize pesticides. In our country we are hoping to eliminate GMO’s, however we also want to fund research for GMOs and pesticides that do not cause harm. With this new research, we will be able to give aid to developing countries, and teach them how to grow an abundance of healthy foods. For the health of all Canadians we all agreed that if we need to buy from overseas companies, we will only buy from companies that use safe chemicals, ethical ingredients and involve themselves with fair trade.

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