Monday, 2 June 2014

Immigrant and Collective Language Rights

F.U.N believes that these numbers are much too high, Canadian jobs are too often being taken by Working Class immigrants. Businesses should give Canadian born citizens first priority when applying for jobs, as long as there are no deal breaking factors. The Point System for economic immigrants will become more challenging to pass, so that the immigrants coming to Canada will have a very positive effect on Canada’s economy and society.

We will be creating stronger language communities in each city based on language demographics. For example, the government will fund public cultural events, respect cultural holidays, and fund cultural centres for all strong minority language populations.

If there is enough need and support, we can help to fund school programs, and create government signs in the given language. F.U.N supports our country and every citizen in it, we are your government.

If you wish to read further into this issue; a discussion by four F.U.N members is posted below.

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