Monday, 9 June 2014

Conversation - Robin and Timothy: Foreign Workers Program

Robin: “Tim hortons uses all natural beef and pork for all sandwiches and breakfast items. Tim Hortons has troubles getting young and bright individuals to work for our business. We want to give foreign workers who actually appreciate and want the job, the job. This way our workers are successful and care about the workplace and our partners.”

Us: “However, our party stands on the values of Intelligent and productive workers who will grow and excel our economy. Yes, foreign workers are an important part of multiculturalism, but we need foreign workers who have something extra special! Right now, we have an unemployment rate - we hope to eliminate this!”

Timothy: “McDonalds, believes that young immigrants coming to Canada could work at McDonalds for a first job. Which can then help them develop and contribute to society, before becoming more successful, with a job that benefits themselves, and all of Canada.”

Us: “But Mcdonalds would also be a great first job for our own citizens! We have a lot of junior high, and high school students who would appreciate a Job!. We truly believe we should put more emphasis on arranged employment, that way we don't have extremely successful immigrants working minimum wage jobs.”

Robin: “Sadly we don't have enough Canadian individuals to fill up all the positions we need in the workplace. So we need foreign workers!”

Us: “If we are going to support this program, we need to increase the LMO rate to 100% compared to ⅔. LMO’s will ensure that Canadian employers will check for any locals who need jobs before hiring the immigrant, this way we are certain that our own citizens are getting recognized First! Considering you are you hired by the government to persuade us, we don't think you are doing a good job. There is not much you are saying that is encouraging us that our citizens cannot do this ourselves. We as a party believe that you are promoting immigrants to make the trip just to do a job that requires no special training. The Immigration point system allows workers with strong academic and promising backgrounds to come to Canada. We think this unethical to our worldly neighbours to present the idea that people in developing countries can only land ‘bad jobs’.”

Robin: “However the workers that will be in this program are the ones who want to be. We are not forcing immigrants to work, unless they want to. It will give immigrants a chance to grow a life in Canada and even maybe go to school and become extremely beneficial members of our society! If we do introduce a 100% need for a LMO, can we integrate this program”?

Us: “As long as you are able to keep up with this LMO rate, and we can see that some of these foreign workers are becoming successful; this program can stay. However, we will be checking in to ensure the success, and making sure this program is benefiting all of our citizens, and their quality of life.”

P.A Party Discussion

Today we had the summit discussion with the P.A. Party, regarding Food Sustainability and creative ways to achieve such an idea in Canada. Both parties hold a similar perspectives for removing chemicals that cause health defects. However, we still need to keep some pesticides that actually work towards keeping away pests, weeds, and insects; without causing extreme effects on health. The cost of growing organic food is extremely high, so we are proposing taxing restaurants, businesses and factories that use extremely unhealthy and foods that create risks to our citizens. With this tax money, we will fund farms that grow healthy and organic foods since they are more expensive to grow and ensure proper growth. We will also use this money to create greenhouses and protection against pests, since we are trying to minimize pesticides. In our country we are hoping to eliminate GMO’s, however we also want to fund research for GMOs and pesticides that do not cause harm. With this new research, we will be able to give aid to developing countries, and teach them how to grow an abundance of healthy foods. For the health of all Canadians we all agreed that if we need to buy from overseas companies, we will only buy from companies that use safe chemicals, ethical ingredients and involve themselves with fair trade.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Immigrant and Collective Language Rights

F.U.N believes that these numbers are much too high, Canadian jobs are too often being taken by Working Class immigrants. Businesses should give Canadian born citizens first priority when applying for jobs, as long as there are no deal breaking factors. The Point System for economic immigrants will become more challenging to pass, so that the immigrants coming to Canada will have a very positive effect on Canada’s economy and society.

We will be creating stronger language communities in each city based on language demographics. For example, the government will fund public cultural events, respect cultural holidays, and fund cultural centres for all strong minority language populations.

If there is enough need and support, we can help to fund school programs, and create government signs in the given language. F.U.N supports our country and every citizen in it, we are your government.

If you wish to read further into this issue; a discussion by four F.U.N members is posted below.