Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Problem With The Senate

Here at the F.U.N. party, we believe that the Senate can be fixed. Together we decided on 5 new factors and criteria that will make our Senate a more important and trusted role in Canada's Government.

Canadian Choice/Elections:

Our party believes that electing the senators will be an extremely justifiable and pivotal idea that can completely deteriorate the issues with our senate. By electing representatives we are truly creating a government “by the people, for the people” Which is exactly what our party stands for. Electing the senate members will give a more rounded perspective on the ideas and bills. We also hope to hire an unbiased and impartial citizen, to monitor the senators professionalism and how they approach their respected job. We want to make sure that each zone has a similar, to equal population, so all voices and ideas are thoroughly heard. Right now I think a lot of the issue with our voting system is representation by population; we hope to encourage the elimination of this issue. This is just one of our five contentions that we will act upon, permitting we are elected.

How much the Senate should make:

In the opinion of the Federal United Nationalists Party of Canada, we believe that senators are paid a little too much. They are paid plainly to read and edit bills passed through by Canada's House of Commons. We need to redefine the difference between a power crazed politician and a true leader. We need a leader who doesn't choose this occupation, simply for material ideas such as money or power. But honestly cares about citizen growth, and harbouring an exceptional quality of life for Canadians. F.U.N focuses on providing our citizens with a variety of social programs and resources. One of the only ways this can be achieved, is through taxes. However, the extra money we will get from not overpaying our senators, can be used to better our nation. We also want to focus on the idea that our senate will not receive unique tax breaks. These citizens are making an income and are leaking off of our social programs, therefore they should be contributing to the tax pool.

Term Length:

The senators that are appointed by Canadian voters will be subject to a 8 year term. They will help make and support decisions alongside two Prime Ministers, or a re elected one. Since they have such a long term, we need to take into account the possibility of an accident. If a senator gets seriously injured or is incapable of completely their term, they have the right to resign. The person who got 2nd in the senate zone election will take his or her place. Alongside this, if a senator breaks the law, or wrongs the government; they will be dismissed.

Budget and Closer examination of Senator spending:

F.U.N Party of Canada is extremely strict with the level of professionalism in the government. As representatives of our citizens, we must create a genuine government of exceptional individuals. One of the ways to produce a professional atmosphere is through proper economic management. We need to pull the reins tighter on the freedom we give our senators. It is unreasonable and inequitable to provide our senate with unlimited money for professional vacations and costs. The Prime Minister will provide a reasonable budget for the trip expenses. If this budget is exceeded, and the reason is not justified, it will come from their own pocket. This is why we will be eliminating the government credit cards. Any expenses on behalf of our government can be proposed. This will allow for a more transparent government, and even more money for those social programs we care so much about. We will also have constant audits for our senators, to make sure that they are not spending money behind our backs. The spending must be used to benefit not only the government, but also the citizens.  For after all, we represent you.

Where to live:

If you are a part of the senate, It is your responsibility to live in the city limits of Ottawa. To allow this change, senators can sell their previous residence. They are free to purchase a property of any value within the limits. We will help senate representatives purchase a home for the price of their old one, if it is sold for less than the current value. This proposal will eliminate the money we give to our senators for commute. A few of the past senate members abused this privilege, and we think that eliminating it in general is the best solution. By moving 105 senators into Ottawa, it will reduce the pollution these senators create by commuting there and back every day. Even though reduction is seemingly microscopic, it still contributes to a greener Canada. Our party believes strongly in the idea of a eco-friendly society, and each step is an important one.

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