Wednesday, 28 May 2014

News Release: YCJA Proposal

The proposed changes to the YCJA, are to allow adult sentences to 11-14 year olds. Federal United Nationalists Party of Canada stand firmly against these changes, and if elected we will abolish them immediately. For reasons why, please watch the discussion above, have a good day, and happy voting!



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  2. I am glad that you want to keep us safe, but I was short on time and had a hard time listening to the entire thing. Is this information available in print somewhere? :( The situation you bring up about 11 year olds going to jail being awful is interesting - is this a true story? I think I want to hear from the experts on this one...

    1. We will for sure make this available in print for you within the next couple days! Also, the story is supposed to show what could happen if this bill is passed. It's not true now, but it very well could be if these changes fall through.